Fixed Gear 100 Mile Bike Ride around Maryland Eastern Shore

Fixed gear bike riding around the eastern shore of Maryland. Fixie bikes rock!When I first got my fixed gear bike I thought that doing 20 miles much less 100 was going to be hard. I follow some fixed gear crazy riders on the west coast and started seeing them doing 70+mile rides and said to myself, “Clearly it can be done.” So today I started riding with a friend and when he needed to go home after about 75 miles I decided it was too nice out to go home so I kept on riding. Finished the day with 107 miles and a big steak. Fixie riding rocks.

Wahoo KICKR Trainer Finally Coming Out

biking, power trainer, trainer, road biking, bike riding, ridin bike inside, kickr, wahhooI’m sitting in my kitchen at our house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland looking outside at snow on the ground, wind howling through the trees, wishing I was at our place in California, but being thankful that I have a trainer to ride in the warmth and comfort inside the house. But let’s face it, riding inside on a trainer is like watching glue dry, but I suck it up like everyone else as as part of training.

A gear-head bike friend, Jorge, told me about the new trainer that Wahoo was designing called the KICKR Power Trainer. I’ve been watching their site for it’s release and it looks like it is finally coming out. So why am I excited about of all things a trainer? Well, I like the idea of not having to use your own wheel and also the fact that you can ride courses and record your rides right from your iPhone vs. the old CompuTrainer way of having to have a windows computer hooked up and spending who knows how many hours configuring the thing.

The KICKR looks like it is going to be pretty cool. If I have to ride inside, I say I mind as well have some fun. Once I get it I will post some feedback on if it is as good as it sounds.

End of the Year Results of my B365x Program

Brandon White 365x Fitness ProgramThe B365x Fitness Program

The results of my B365x program. Since my birthday and Christmas are close and I will be eating some cake, ice cream and cookies I thought I should take a shot now for my year end picture. This is what eating right and exercising will do for you over a year’s commitment.

My goal in 2011 was to get lean and ride a lot of miles on my bike. I started the year at 165lbs and bulky. I did not have a weight goal number, but rather committed to go by what I look like and if I could see my abs then all was good. Here I am 150lbs, 29 inch waist, 41 1/2 chest. I was as low as 145lbs at the height of the biking season. I will end the year riding about 7,800 miles and averaging 3 weight lifting work outs a week (no more then 1hr each). Working on 2012’s fitness and biking goals over the holiday. What are your goals? Oh yea, yes I have pants on 🙂 Go get’em in 2012!