Training for a Century Bike Ride – Seagull Century

I’ve had a goal to ride a century this year. At the beginning of the year it almost seemed impossible to do. As I’ve been riding more and more it’ seems possible. I’ve been riding as much as possible and been loosely following a plan. Guy in my group ride said that if I can do the 50 mile Sunday rides I can do a century. A hundred miles seems pretty long to me, but given the pro races are are 100-180 miles and they do that several days in a row I figure I can pull it off for one day.

I signed up for the Seagull Century in October. I am going to turn up my miles, I am getting about 130-160 a week right now. I am shooting to get at least 150 miles a week leading up to the century and do at least 75 one day a week before the ride to get a feel for it.

Should be fun.