End of the Year Results of my B365x Program

Brandon White 365x Fitness ProgramThe B365x Fitness Program

The results of my B365x program. Since my birthday and Christmas are close and I will be eating some cake, ice cream and cookies I thought I should take a shot now for my year end picture. This is what eating right and exercising will do for you over a year’s commitment.

My goal in 2011 was to get lean and ride a lot of miles on my bike. I started the year at 165lbs and bulky. I did not have a weight goal number, but rather committed to go by what I look like and if I could see my abs then all was good. Here I am 150lbs, 29 inch waist, 41 1/2 chest. I was as low as 145lbs at the height of the biking season. I will end the year riding about 7,800 miles and averaging 3 weight lifting work outs a week (no more then 1hr each). Working on 2012’s fitness and biking goals over the holiday. What are your goals? Oh yea, yes I have pants on 🙂 Go get’em in 2012!