First Race Carl Dolan

My First Road Bike Race

In line with my goal to do some bike races this year and try and get my Cat 4 status in 2012, I raced by first race at the Carl Dolan event. Boy what a difference racing is then group rides…lol. All and all it was fun. A good friend told me it’s all about positioning and isn’t that the truth. We had a major wreck coming up the last hill before the finish and my “good positioning” turned into the worst position. By the time things got sorted out I found myself behind some riders who were slower, but no way around. That put me 17th for the finish. I’m glad I managed to finish on two wheels and it was god to get the first race under by belt. Next one is the Bunny Hop coming up in the beginning of May, I’m looking forward to it.

Carl Dolan Race Pictures

Here are some pictures from the races after mine that I took.  You can click on the images to make them larger. If you see yourself in any of them and want a copy of the high resolution version email me at Brandon at