Why Bikes are Stolen and What Happens to Stolen Bicycles

Having your bike stolen sucks. I never leave my road bike where I am not with in a few feet of it. I would not even leave it locked up because it would get stolen. When I take it somewhere it lives inside my truck unless I am on it or can see it. So why do people steal bikes? Where do stolen bikes go? Here is a great article that explains it, worth the read to get in the mind of the jerks that find it fun to steal bikes.

Mid year 2012 B365x Update

I had my annual physical and the test results are in:
weight 148.8lbs
total cholesterol 136
triglycerides 42
HDL 63
LDL 65
PSA fine

I am averaging 6 rides a week on the bike averaging about 200 miles. My miles average is down from last year but I am on a new training program since I started racing and am faster then last year and lower body fat.
B365x Mid Year Update
Keep exercising and eat healthy!