Rock N Roll Gold Lube Review

Rock-n-roll Chain Lube ReviewI’ve been using Rock N Roll’s Gold bike chain lube for about seven years. I ride 5,000 to 7,000 miles a year which puts a lot of wear and tear on my chains and shifting components.

This is by far the best bike chain lube I have used and I use it exclusively on all my bikes: road bikes, fixie bike and beach cruisers.

The key is to use a good amount on the chain, I mean really squeeze it on, and then clean the chain with a rag. The dirt and grim literally drips off the chain. Having said that, it is very important to make sure you run the chain through your rag throughly. Try to get it as dry as possible. It will never get dry, but aim for that and your chain will look like new.

Super slick. Cleans the chain in a few minutes time. Chain shines like new once you clean it with the rag. Helps resist dirt, water and grim.

You want to use a lot which really means buying in bulk. When you do this it is cheaper anyway. Not a con for me per say, but may be for some bikers.

Buy yourself some┬áRock N Roll’s Gold bike chain lube today.