About the Road Bike Guy

Brandon White Road Bike GuyI’ve always loved riding bikes. As a kid I grew up riding around on a Hutch BMX, building jumps, doing street tricks, chasing girls and pretty much harassing the neighborhood. As I got older biking was a means to get around town when I was in college to riding around a town on vacation. True road biking is something I picked up in my late thirty’s when I decided lifting heavy weights and running was pretty much going to destroy my body.

I bought a bike magazine and checked out their recommendation in their best buys section. I found a Jamis Ventura Elite at what seemed like a decent price (little did I know at the time the bike would be what I would eventually pay for a set of wheels). I called some local bike shops and learned the local shop carried Jamis. I threw down $29.95 for a fitting, we ordered the bike and I was on my way.

My indoctrination in group riding was when I learned about a local group ride that met on Sunday mornings and had a reputation for being pretty serious and made up of ex/current road racers. I figured I’d join the group and kick some ass. I was the youngest guy in the group, but the only ass kicking that got done was mine. I learned real quick about the real meaning of being fit. Fit to this group was being able to ride fast for fifty miles on Sunday morning and then go about an enjoy the rest of your day.

The ride was a group ride/race and I got dropped every ride for about a year.  Eventually I figured out what it was all about. As I learned from the group, reading and talking to guys, I slowly transformed by body composition by changing my diet. I lost twenty pounds, upgraded my bike, gear and every other biking thing, redesigned my weight lifting workouts and joined a racing team. I raced for a season, did well and started coming to California for work. That raised the bar again because they have hills and train year round, translated, they’re fast!

Racing was fun and I decided to do some Grand Fondo’s and challenge myself differently. I’ve done a few with good success and had fun. I ride anywhere between one hunderd and fifty miles to two hundred and fifty miles a week these days. I’ve found biking not only facilitates great health and fitness, it also gives me that daily mental break I need from all the influx of digital noise that we now have in our world.

I hope my experiences with rides, gear and other things I share help you in one way or the other with your biking adventures.

Ride on!

My current bikes:
De Rosa Protos
Cannondale Super Six
Bianchi Ultre
Pake fixie