76 Miles Half Moon Bay to Davenport Along Highway 1 Road Bike Route

Half Moon Bay to Davenport Along Highway 1 Road Bike RouteIf you are looking for a great ride along the northern California coast this is a good one. I do it pretty often and it never gets old. You’ll be coast-side the whole time with spectacular views of the Pacific and may even catch some sightings of whales if you keep your eye out.

You get a good amount of climbing in but no climb is longer then approximately 1.3 miles with most grades about 5-7%. There are a few steeper parts here and there but they do not last long.

Bike Route Details
Miles: 76
Elevation: 4,564 ft.
Moving time: 4hrs 37min @ 16.5mph
Temperatures: In general, expect it to be colder in Half Moon Bay and warm up as you head south. I see temperature differences as big as 12-15 degrees.

Winds: The prevailing wind in Half Moon Bay is NW.  This means you are going to get a push down the coast and fight it on the way home unless you get lucky enough to catch a south wind which is a dream to get the push all the way home. If you leave early you can beat the NW wind, it will pick up around Davenport around 10:30/45am as the fog lifts.

On the way back there are a few places to duck out of the wind, but it will add miles to your ride. The worst winds on the way home will be around Swanson Berry Farm by Scott Creek. You will get some relief from the bluffs heading north to Waddell Creek Beach. One you hit Waddell Creek expect a lot of wind, it’s not one of the best kite surfing spots in North America for no reason. You will not suffer too much as you watch a sea of kike surfers shredding it up. (If you see surfers and not kites you are either there really early or you caught a south wind) You will get some wind going past Año Nuevo State Park and then hit a stretch between Highway 1 Brewing Company and Pigeon Point Lighthouse where it can beat you up a little. Good news is once you go around the bend from the lighthouse the worst is behind you. You can get some wind headed back into Half Moon Bay, but the good news is that is generally all downhill (1-3% with a few small bumps) headed into town.

Places to stop for food and water headed south:
Mile 17
If you need something early you can make a left on Pescadero Creek Rd. at mile 15, go down about 1.8 miles and make a left onto Stage Rd. Small down, plenty of places for food, water etc… I use Pescadero County Bakery, it has snacks, soda, water spigot on the side of the building, outhouse out back along with a bike work stand and tire pump. (go along the north side of the building to get to the back of the building)

Mile 23/24
Highway 1 Brewing Company. Gas station in addition to the restaurant. Snacks, water, soda etc…

Mile 37
Davenport. Several stores and restaurants. I use Arros store right next to the Davenport Cafe. They have bathrooms and a place to sit down. There are plenty of other places in town I use this as my stop on this route because it’s the first place headed south, has soda and bikers snacks like power bars and things. If you want a good burger Roadhouse Restaurant about fifty yards south is really good.

Does a Light Carbon Bike Really Make a Difference Compared to a Heavier Steel Bike?

Steel Bike vs. Carbon Bike Does weight matter for a road bike

I’ve been contemplating building a Bianchi Oltre carbon frame that I have or selling it and buying a complete steel frame bike to have for fun. I’ve been going back and forth on the issue of weight. The paradigm that is ingrained in my head, as probably with most bike racing/riding enthusiasts, is lighter is better. Truth to that answer is dependent on the terrain that you are riding. If you are going to be doing a lot of climbing it probably matters a lot, if you are going to be riding on the flats probably not as much.

This morning I was reading a post on our forum from a fellow member of my bike club who did an experiment. He is 10lbs over racing weight and did our club ride on his steel bike and then did the ride the same week on his carbon bike that is about 4-5lbs lighter. Outcome for him, he got dropped the first group ride and finished in the top on the second. His take away, the bike matters. Not all that scientific because of all the other variables, was his sleep, eating, hydration, motivation etc… all consistent or not. Who knows, but it’s interesting. There is something to be said around having more of your energy transferred to the back wheel and the stiffer carbon bike definitely facilitates much more energy or watts to be transferred into forward motion.

I then came across a “scientific” study that attempted to answer the question if a carbon bike really is faster then a stell bike, or rather does weight or much does bike weight matter.. Check it out over a cup of coffee if you want a good read. If you do not have the time to read it, the summary is that in the study it made little to no difference when comparing the two bikes.

What’s your take? Post below. I’m still on the fence, although given my riding terrain and the fact that generally in the first 7 miles of my weekly training rides I’m covering 800+ vertical feet of climbing and averaging about 2900+ ft a ride, a lighter bike might be a better fit. The Bianchi just might see some road time.

Maryland Eastern Shore Bike Riding – Fixie 73

73 miles on a fixed gear bike.

Maryland Eastern Shore of Maryland Bike Riding Fixed Gear Riding

Lucky warm weather day on the east coast today so I got up at 5am, got a few hours of work in and after lunch logged some miles outside on my fixed gear.  A bit of head wind and 73 miles later I was pretty beat. I made it to the edge of the Chesapeake Bay on Tilghman Island at Black Walnut Point. Temps got up to 65, tonight they are calling for 1 inch of snow, go figure.