New Pake Fixed Gear Bike

pake Fixed Gear Bike otherwise known as a fixieI have been reading a lot about off season training and it appears a lot of professional/serious riders do some fixie riding. I figured I did it as a kid, so why not check it out again. I called Gary from Bodacious Bikes up about two weeks ago and asked him what he thought. He said he thought it was a good idea, it would help my peddle stroke, build some muscle and provide a change of pace. That all jived with that I had been reading so I headed over to Gary’s and gave him a general direction of what I wanted. I wanted a nice one, but not so nice that if I scratched it that it would matter terribly, but good enough that if I ever did want to take it to the track I could. Gary put some cool specs together and here is how it turned out. Pretty sweet! I put a few miles on it today to see how it felt, feels like it wants to have some fun!