Biking is the Best Way to See Places

Ernest Hemingway Bike RidingI was reading some bike blogs yesterday while all my rides from the week were updating on Strava and Garmin Connect and came across the quote from Ernest Hemingway about bike riding on JaxMeowMeow’s blog (you should check out if you are a hill climbing fanatic, Jax started climbing hills on a fixie and is now dominating some big climbs with gears in Southern California) . A group of us were talking about just this thing the other day. The places and things I have seen on two wheels are things I would have never noticed driving in a car or even a motorcycle. If you bike you get it, if you don’t you need to experience it to understand it. There really is no better way to explore places then on two wheels.

Women Think Fast Men Cyclists are Better Looking

Fast bike riders are better lookingWomen believe guys who ride fast and finish in the top of bike races and bike rides are better looking. It’s that simple.

No, I am not making it up, ask Erik Postma who recently published a paper titled, “A relationship between attractiveness and performance in professional cyclists.” Yea I took some liberty in interpreting the results given the study focused on professional cyclists. However, Erik studies biological evolution and explains how the results could be interpreted. It makes sense, evolution dictates that women seek strong males for all the reasons of survival and good genes.

While we might live in modern homes, manufactured landscapes and technology that can almost now think like a human, the fact remains we are a product of millions of years of evolution where our genes simply have say. And hey, riding fast is good for your health anyway. Here’s to those that ride in the front of the peloton!

Who Rides Their Bike to Work? This biking map tells the story by state.

Bicycling to Work by State in the United States MapBicycling might just be getting more popular and not just with those of us who buy those crazy light carbon bikes. It appears more Americans then ever have taken up riding their bike to work. I was playing around with some statistics on the US Census site and found some interesting biking statistics.

* The number of U.S. workers who traveled to work by bicycle increased from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000 in 2008–2012, a larger percentage increase than that of any other commuting mode.

* The combined rate of bicycle commuting for the 50 largest U.S. cities increased from 0.6 percent in 2000 to 1.0 percent in 2008–2012.

* Among large cities, Portland, OR, has the highest bicycle com – muting rate at 6.1 percent. Nice work Portland!

* At 0.8 percent, the rate of bicycle commuting for men was more than double that of women at 0.3 percent. Come on ladies, we like to see you on bikes as well!

* Among the approximately 140 million workers in the United States between 2008-2012, 0.6 percent commuted by bicycle, compared with 86.2 percent of workers who drove alone or carpooled to work Between 2000 and 2008–2012, the number of workers who traveled to work by bicycle increased by 60.8 percent, from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000.

If the trend continues we will start to be a society that at least burns some real calories on the way to work.

Explainer: how do cyclists reach super fast speeds?

how do bike racer cyclists go so fastInteresting article in main steam, or somewhat mainstream, news about how cyclists reach such high speeds today. The fastest recorded bike speed in 1817 was 14.5 km/hr. Two hundred years later we see speeds of 55km/hr in the Tour de France. We just keep getting faster, but the fundamental design of a bike remains the same. Read the full article and find out how.