Polar CS500 Bike Computer

Polar CS 500 Bike Computer Set up ExperienceI have been reading about biking computers lately and wanted to upgrade what I have so I could monitor and record my heart rate. This will give me a better idea of what cardio zone I am training in thus allowing me to start to tune my training better. I did a lot of research and opted for the Polar CS500 because of the features, functionality and profile. It has speed, cadence and heart rate sensors with the option of a power meter which I want to add at some point whether a polar or another type. But, that is later. Right now this is a good start. The write up was good and I liked the idea that it has wireless downloading of your rides to the Polar Trainer online software. I also liked the flat profile and the idea that you can scroll through screens with a rocker motion, meaning you can push down right or left and it moves through the screens vs. the traditional side buttons on some models like my old one which I found hard to change screens when riding.

I did the set up myself with the help of my wife. It was pretty straight forward and the problems we did have were easy to figure out from the Polar installation videos that they have on their site. All and all pretty painless.

We will see how it works and I will post a review as I log some miles and learn how to use it.