Why I picked the 2009 Jamis Ventura Elite Road Bike

2009 Jamis Ventura Elite Bycycling Magazine Editors Pick 2009Since the rain has not stopped I figured I would explain why I picked the 2009 Ventura Elite as my first road bike. First, I am not sure how deep I will get into the road biking thing. So to borrow a pun from my fishing world, I wanted to wade in slow. I really do not know all that much about road bikes other then what I have been reading the last few months online in forums, review sites and in magazines. I wanted to start with something that was middle of road, not a total beginner, but not near the top. I had a budget of not more then $2000. I had picked up a copy of Bicycling Magazine Editors Pick edition in 2009 while at an airport and in it listed the Jamis Ventura Elite as their recreational pick and best value for the money. I figured I could not go that wrong with an editors pick for a respected magazine. I picked the 2009 model for two reasons, first, I figured I could get a deal on a close out since the new bikes are arriving in 2010 which would save me a few hundred, which it did, and also I liked the color scheme for the 2009. Mostly about the money at this point, but the color scheme did play into it.

I do not expect this thing to be a road racer, but it does have some good parts on it and decent wheels, at least in the sense of weight, that should at least get me started. It’s not all carbon, but a combination frame which at least should give me a better feel then all aluminum and all and all the weight in my 51 size is not terrible.  We will see how it all plays out, but for the money I’m feeling pretty good.