Bunny Hop Race

Bunny Hop 2012 Race

I set off at o-dark 5:30am to head over to Suitland, MD for my second road race. I felt good, got in a good warm up and was ready to roll. The whistle blew and I got off to a good start, made a jump to be the first into the turn to avoid any race jitters that might cause a wreck in the pack. Made it through safe and felt good, made about five more cranks and I drop my chain, I try to slow peddle it back on and almost get it when it gets stuck. I pull off to the right before the second turn, jump off, put it back on and get back underway. I think to myself, “great” and a few other explicative phrases. I figured I mind as well get a good workout in so I gave it my best effort, managed to pass some guys, but never caught the pack and by the last lap it caught me. I still finished so I get credit, but it stunk. You can not out exercise a bad diet and you can not win a race against a mechanical, that is unless apparently you are Bradley Wiggins and have a support car right behind you to help you. Better luck next time.

Fellow ABRT Devon had a good finish in the Cat 5 race which was cool, other team mate Ted Harris had a good race and friend Mike Brown won his race, nice work guys!

Race Pictures

I did take some pictures of a few races, not my best because the light was not good and I had the wrong lens with me, but still some decent shots for your viewing enjoyment.