Why Bikes are Stolen and What Happens to Stolen Bicycles

Having your bike stolen sucks. I never leave my road bike where I am not with in a few feet of it. I would not even leave it locked up because it would get stolen. When I take it somewhere it lives inside my truck unless I am on it or can see it. So why do people steal bikes? Where do stolen bikes go? Here is a great article that explains it, worth the read to get in the mind of the jerks that find it fun to steal bikes.

Time for a New Schwalbe ZX Tire

Time for a new Schwalbe ZX

Had this happen a few miles from home. I love the¬†Schwalbe’s, but they definitely do not last super long. I deal with it for the ride, but if you ride these it’s the one drawback.

What it looks like on the inside
flat tire inside the schwalbe zx road bike tire review

UPDATE: I took this tire to Gary at Bodacious Bikes in Easton, MD where I purchased the tires and he called Schwalbe and apparently they are seeing this issue in 2-4 of this model tire out of a 1000. They are good about things and are covering it under warranty. If it happens to you before you say some four letter words and jam it in the trash, save it and take it back to your bike shop, they should cover it.