Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet Review

Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet white silverI originally bought Giro black helmet back when I started riding earlier this year. Given the heat I decided to get a new helmet in all white. I read around more about helmets and Giro appears to be on the best in the business. I went to their website, read about them all and decided on the Ionos model is white/silver. What I’ve learned about helmets as a result of researching buying a new one is that the more expensive models allow more air to flow through the helmet as a result of more advanced materials that are used in the construction. Thus you get a lighter helmet where they can allow less material to get the same protection which in turn allows more air flow and in theory lets your head breath better. Important stuff when riding in the heat that is for sure.

I searched around on prices and the best I could find was on Amazon. I checked with my local bike shop and told them what the price I found was, told them if they could get close I would buy from them because I could rather support the local guys if I could. Shop would not budge and was at least $50 more, so I rolled with Amazon. I have worn it a few times and it’s made a big difference, not only is it a lot cooler, but it is also lighter and has a little better fit. It is an upgraded model from my first one. So far pretty happy with the fit and weight.