Biking Heart Rate and Polar CS500 Review Update

Since getting my Polar CS500 earlier this month I have started to try and train in different heat rate zones to build different areas of my fitness. Mostly right now I am reviewing what my heart rate is over the course of a ride and changing around the works outs based on the findings. I hope to move to a more formal program as I progress, but given I need to get in as many miles as possible to start building a base I am winging it for the time being.

Today I logged 48.4 miles with the Tour de Easton Bike Club. Our scenic ride brought us through Easton, Oxford, Trappe, Hillsboro, Goldsboro and back to Easton. I saw my heart rate reach 205 beats/min which was a little scarey. I am wondering if it was real or if there is an error percentage on this heart rate monitors. I will be keeping an eye on it. One thing is certain, I have a ways to go yet with my fitness and am thinking I am going to want to drop some weight.

While the Polar CS500 has been pretty cool, I have been having a beck of a time getting it to synch with my computer. I am on a MacBookPro and maybe that has something to do with it, however it was synching fine for a while. I read the Polar forums and it seems other have the same trouble. I think I am going to get Polar tech support on the phone tomorrow because I’ve invested enough time trying to trouble shoot it myself.