Fixed Gear 100 Mile Bike Ride around Maryland Eastern Shore

Fixed gear bike riding around the eastern shore of Maryland. Fixie bikes rock!When I first got my fixed gear bike I thought that doing 20 miles much less 100 was going to be hard. I follow some fixed gear crazy riders on the west coast and started seeing them doing 70+mile rides and said to myself, “Clearly it can be done.” So today I started riding with a friend and when he needed to go home after about 75 miles I decided it was too nice out to go home so I kept on riding. Finished the day with 107 miles and a big steak. Fixie riding rocks.

Jamis Ventura Elite Road Ready

Jamis Ventura Elite BikePicked up my new Jamis Ventura Elite road bike from the Bike Doctor in Easton, MD tonight. Paul and his staff did a great job getting my fit right and all set up… now all we need is this rain to get out of here and I’m hitting the open road.